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Firm Philosophy


Keiser Associates, Inc. was founded on the philosophy of providing the highest quality interior design integrating all related disciplines under the leadership of a firm principal responsible for all aspects of a project's activity. Our firm, with nearly a half century of diverse project experience, has developed the expertise that enables us to provide our clients with both an aesthetically pleasing environment and a functional use of space, while meeting client schedules and budget considerations.

Each Keiser Associates, Inc. project is individually tailored to the client's unique requirements. Our professional team members are capable of handling all design disciplines, including specific requirements such as the survey of existing space, space planning, and interior design, as well as initiating construction documents, coordinating all furnishings and providing complete project management services.

Strong management and teamwork make up the foundation of our philosophy. Each project is assigned a principal who forms a permanent project team as its inception. The principal establishes the project's direction, establishes a primary line of communication between the client, landlord, and any other consultant retained, and assumes overall responsibility for the work. Design professionals with expertise in programming, space planning, interior design, cost estimating, construction documents, contract administration and project and move management are on these teams. This principal leadership of the team approach provides the continuity required of the design process. With the participants involved from inception through the conclusion of the project, the major goals of cost efficiency and quality design are fulfilled, guaranteeing client satisfaction with every aspect of our work.

Budgets and schedules reflective of the client's objectives are established at the outset of our work. These budgets and schedules are continually updated and adhered to. As our work progresses, these documents become the centerpiece of our work.

Our philosophy and demonstrated ability to deliver a project that is responsive to our client's program, schedule and budget can best be proven by our track record and client references. It isn't unusual for us to be consultants for clients for decades and help or manage more than one relocation or restacking program. Our clients are our best sales people and we receive client referrals that have generated even more long term client relationships. We take pride in our extensive client base, which attests to our success in serving a highly diverse clientele.

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